Electric Gate Motor Installation in Prairieville, LA

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Babin’s Garage Doors & More provides electric gate motor installation for home and business owners in Prairieville and surrounding areas

A person opening their electronic gate from their vehicle using a remotePerson opening their home electronic gate from their vehicle using a remote

Quality Electric Gate Motor Installation For Your Home Or Business

Are you looking for an electric gate motor that you can count on? One that automatically opens and closes your gate seamlessly? At Babin’s Garge Doors & More, we install electric gate motors for homes and businesses in Prairieville and surrounding areas.

Liftmaster Certified

We carry a Liftmaster certification from the Liftmaster academy. This qualifies us to work with Electric Gate Motors.

Residential Electric Gate Motor Installation

An electric gate opener is a mechanized arm that helps your automatic gate open and close. A signal is sent from an access control, such as a remote control or keypad that tells the motor to open or close the gate.

At Babin’s Garage Doors & More, we use LiftMaster electric gate operator products. These quality products enhance your experience to help give you the ability to open and close your gate seamlessly from the tap of a button. You can even utilize the Liftmaster myQ Smart Home Product that enables you to receive activity alerts on your smartphone and open and close your garage door right from the comfort of you sofa.

Electric gate motor on residential gateParking lot barrier

Commercial Electric Gate Motor Installation

It is essential to your business that you have a gate that functions and operates smoothly and seamlessly to help keep things moving and ensure that your facility is safe and secure.

With Babin’s Garage Doors & More, we install quality Liftmaster gate motors that cater to a variety of needs for your business. This includes Swing Gates Operators, Slide Gate Operators, Barrier Gate Operators, Heavy-Duty Gate Operators, and Specialty Gate Operators. With sturdy materials and user-friendly access control systems, you can rest assured that your commercial gate will help to keep things running smoothly while maintaining a high level of security.

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